The David Lochhead Memorial Symposium  
The Spirituality of Cyberspace
Was held 12-14 October, 2006
Vancouver School of Theology,  Vancouver, Canada

Event Resources Available

1.  Now available, slide show of symposium participants, click here.

2.  Now available pod casts (audio), click here.

3.  Now available, texts of some presentations, click here.

4.  SOON available, DVD videos.  

The event was captured digitally by Dr. Gary Kush of technoShare and was converted to audio pod-casts, videos of speakers on DVD's,  a slide show online, a video DVD and printed documents. 



Keynote Presenters Included


Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite
President of Chicago Theological Seminary, author or editor of 13 books, translator for two different translations of the Bible, and works in the area of contextual theologies of liberation.



Rev. Curt Ackley
A pioneer in church computer communication, was the second president of Ecunet, Inc., the first ecumenical computer network,  and is the Western Reserve minister for the United  Church of Christ in Ohio.


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Planning Committee
The Rev. Keith Knight, Chairman
The Rev. Gordon Laird
The Rev. Dr. Ian Mackenzie
The Rev. Dr. Marta Frascati Lochhead
Ms. Cathy Bone


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