Internet Congregation Survey

Thanks for completing this survey about your involvement in Internet Congregation. This information is being compiled by Ken Bedell for presentation at the Religious Researchers 1999 conference in Boston. The survey should take 15-25 minutes to complete.

What do we mean by Internet Congregation? An Internet Congregation is a group of people who intentionally join together to practice their religion the internet without gathering for face-to-face meetings. This does not include brick and mortar congregations that conduct ministries such as counseling or religious chat rooms on the Internet. Nor does it include Internet projects that are designed to support or augment congregational life. A religious mailing list or chat room by this definition is not an Internet congregation unless the mailing list or chat room claims to provide a replacement for a traditional congregation. An Internet Congregation is designed to completely replace all of the functions of a traditional congregation.

Please click on the sentence below that most accurately describes your current attitude toward using the Internet for religious congregations.

I am currently participating in an Internet Congregation
I participated in an Internet Congregation in the past, but I am not currently participating.
I am not currently and have never in the past participated in an Internet Congregation