Theology in a Digital World: The Sequel

Theology in a Digital World is a collection of essays and lectures dating from 1984 to 1987. It was published by the United Church Publishing House and can be obtained through that source. Published here as Web documents are subsequent reflections on technology from a theological perspective. All of these are copyright © David Lochhead, 1995.

The Magical Computer

Address to the third CAMCON (Computer Applications for Ministry Conference), Detroit, MI, May 1988.

Have You Hugged Your Computer Today?

Address to the Religious Communications Conference, Nashville, TN, April 1990

A Software World

What are the consequences when software defines reality? This essay was prepared for presentation at a church related computer event in 1991, but was never presented after the event was cancelled.

Theology and Interpretation: A Footnote to McLuhan

An exploration of the impact of electronic text on hermeneutics. I argue that electronic text processing undermines the stability of meaning that is associated with the printed word. This essay was first published in the Journal of Theology. Dayton: United Theological Seminary, 1994.

Living in Virtual Un/reality

Reality and Cyberspace. The Opening Address to the Ecunet '95 Conference in Baltimore Maryland, May 21, 1995

Technology, Communication and the Future

The future in a "society of generalized communications." Final reflection at Ecunet '95, Baltimore, MD, May 24, 1995

Theology and Distance Education

Lectures given to SACEM Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, TX, January 1997