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IRTC Board to Present at RCC Conference

Marta Frascati-Lochhead, Ian MacKenzie, Ken Bedell, and Gordon Laird, currently on the Board of Directors for the IRTC (The Institute for Religion, Technology and Culture), will present a workshop at the Religious Communication Congress 2000. The workshop, entitled Digital Theology: Reflections on the Work of David M. Lochhead (1936-1999) is appropriate for anyone willing to wrestle with the cultural implications of computer networking and will focus on the work and writing of David Lochhead, Ecunet and IRTC founder. David Lochhead was one of the leading writers and speakers in the field of the cultural impact of computers and the theological implications. Each of the four IRTC directors will prepare a presentation based on one of the writings of David Lochhead. This will be followed by an open time for questions and reactions.

The four will also preside over a pre-conference symposium on the work of David Lochhead on Wednesday, March 29, 2000 from 2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The directors hope that a number of those who gather just prior to this event for the Ecunet meeting will choose to participate in this symposium as well.

The Religious Communication Congresss 2000 (RCC 2000) will be held on March 29-April 1 at the Chicago Marriott. The theme of the Congress, Faith Stories in a Changing World, will focus on five major ways of sharing faith stories: spoken, electronic, cyberspace, written and artistic. RCC 2000 continues a 30-year tradition of Religious Communication Congresses with exhibits, workshops, worship celebrations, awards presentations, banquets and a chance to interact with more than 1500 religious communication professionals. For more information about RCC 2000, call 212-870-2985 or find the Congress on-line at

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