An Overview of the Writings
of the Rev. Dr. David M. Lochhead -1936-1999

by Gordon Laird, June 20, 1999

Prepared for those attending David's Memorial Service, June 22, 1999. A more extensive bibliography will be available in the next IRTC newsletter (Institute for Religion, Technology and Culture, Vancouver, B. C.)


1977 - The Liberation of the Bible (The Student Christian Movement of Canada, 1977, World Student Christian Federation of North America - 1977)
1978 - The Lordship of Jesus, report of the Committee on Christian Faith to the 27th General Council of the United Church (Toronto: The United Church General Council, 1978)

1981 - Living Between Memory and Hope - a Bible Study for Today, with B. J. Klassen (Toronto: Division of Communication, United Church of Canada, 1981)

1983 - Faith of the Church, ten essays on some fundamentals of the faith (Toronto: United Church Observer, 1983)

1988 - The Dialogical Imperative - A Christian Reflection on Interfaith Encounter (Maryknoll, New York: Orbis, 1988)

1988 - Theology in a Digital World (Toronto: United Church Publishing House, 1988) - a collection of six essays: Theology in a Digital World; Theology about a Machine; Does God Love Computers? The New Electronic Church; The Tower of Babel Revisited; Toward a Theology of Information

1988 - General Council Online, David Lochhead, Editor (Vancouver: Small Computers in the Church Committee, 1988

1997 - Ecunet ’97 Conference Proceedings May 28-31, 1997 (Vancouver: Chalmers Institute, 1998) - David chaired this conference - his introduction of J. T. Roberson is included, David delivered his Theme Presentation: "Modem Dreams" (included) at the closing Banquet.

1997 - Shifting Realities (Geneva: WCC (World Council of Churches) Publishing, 1997)

1997 - On-line Distance Education and the Digital Revolution (Vancouver: Chalmers Institute, 1997)

David Lochhead’s Home Page:

Complete texts are included, available for printing, of these articles, which are seen as "The Sequel" to Theology in a Digital World:

1988 - The Magical Computer

1990 - Have You Hugged Your Computer Today?

1991 - Software World

1994 - Technology and Interpretation

1995 - Living in Virtual Un/Reality (at Ecunet '95, Baltimore)

1995 - Technology, Communication, and the Future (at Ecunet '95, Baltimore)

1997 - Technology and Distance Education - (SACEM, Fort Worth Texas)

In addition to the books and Home Page there are videos of lectures, book reviews, articles and sound recordings. David participated in the Dissertations of at least one doctoral student
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